Language exchange face-to-face

Find language partners in your city and practice languages offline with native speakers. In order to learn a language you have two options: face-to-face conversation swap or group conversation meetings.


Local language exchange in your city

A conversation exchange or tandem consists on contacting a language partner and meet up. You can practice languages 50% of the time in each of your native languages. A conversation meeting is an event in which a group of people meet in order to discuss about one topic in a certain language. You can either join to any event published in Lingua2 or create your own event in any city of the world.

Find your language teacher or course too!

You can also find find language teachers at the right price and take place in courses in your city.


No need to buy new books

Use the contents that you have or ask for recommendations to your tutor. You can focus on what you need.

Earn money just by speaking with new people

When you have a strong profile it will be easy for you to make money when you answer requests from other people.

Sell or buy

Check our products and see how you can take profit. You can find free exchanges, but also paid tutors.

Member control

Our members help us to identify fake profiles and liers to offer you the best quality exchanges.

Meet up with new people

You will not only improve your language skills, but also make new friends worlwide. Many of our members meet regularly. As you can see in the evalutations written by our members after some meetings they became friends. You must know that Lingua2 was released on crowdfunding. You can see the video and contribute.


A language tandem now?

There are thousands of people waiting for you to practice languages.

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